Frances Allen Publications

Frances Allen Publishers was incorporated in the late 1980s with a charter to publish and promote new Australian fiction. During that period and up till the early 1990s it published such works as Richard Eldershaw’s award winning The Mean Australian, Gail Morgan’s controversial The Day My Publisher Turned into A Dog and Robyn Ferrell’s uniquely lyrical The Weather and Other Gods.

The company also had the privilege of publishing Burning Spear. This was the last work of iconic Australian author Kit Denton, whose novel The Breaker is one of the most popular and widely read in Australian literary history.

The company re-established itself in 2013 to republish Victor Kline’s comic novel (originally published by Allen and Unwin Australia), Rough Justice. This was followed in 2014 by Victor’s best-selling memoir The House at Anzac Parade, and in 2016 by 42 Avenue of the Americas

For further information contact publisher Jom Arncliffe at or on +61 2 99290478.